NexGen BackPro™ - Lumbar Support Belt (Front Image)
NexGen BackPro™ - Lumbar Support Belt (Side Image)
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NexGen BackPro™ - Lumbar Support Belt (Package Contents)

NexGen BackPro™ - Lumbar Support Belt

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 Provides decompression therapy
 Relieves painful pressure
 Stabilizes the lower back
 Improves core strength
 Stretches tight muscles

NexGen BackPro™ will reduce back pain and improve mobility within 30 days or  we will take it back.

Incase there is a legitimate product defect within 30 days of you receiving your order. Take opportunity of our free replacement policy.

If your purchase is still within the 30 day period and has a legitimate defect then please feel free to email with a video proof of your claim and make sure to read the instructions.

The final decision if a product will be replaced free of cost lies solely with and we reserve the right of refusal.

We've Got Your Back

NexGen BackPro™ provides clinical-grade back traction and decompression to help relieve lower back pain.
Spine Health is essential for
great quality of life

The spine and back supports us in our daily life. Any pain coming from it affects more than we know. Chronic back problems are bad for long term health. When back pain is not treated, it affects your health and leads into mental problems like poor focus, restless nights, increased stress, reduced productivity and social impairment. This directly affects the quality of your life.


Use the same therapy chiropractors use to decompress the spine and relieve lumbar pressure with NexGen BackPro™

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